ActiTube active charcoal filter SLIM

ActiTube active charcoal filter SLIM

50er actiTube active charcoal filters SLIM 7mm filter for rolling Tune 4 packages (200 filters)

One package contains 50 filters
One display contains 10 packages


We are proud to present a very special innovation from actiTube (formerly TUNE):
Original actiTube active charcoal filter SLIM – format!

Long-needed and now finally available: 7mm – filters for all kinds of roll-ups.
The little brother from the actiTube 8mm – filter now supplies those smokers, who were not satisfied by the common active charcoal filters before.
The new 7mm – filters are filled with very high-grade, smaller active charcoal. They are shorter and thinner than their predecessors.
On both sides are ceramic caps. Now, the plugin-direction is not important anymore.
Made in Germany.

These charcoalfilters:
1- reduces the tar intake.
2- every puff tastes comfortable, cool, mild and dry.
3- does not clog up.
4- condensed liquid does not flow out.
5- do not fit in the “actiTube” – pipes


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